The Transform Node of Houdini


Because imagination is not bound by the laws of physics, Houdini nodes are designed to manifest any idea. Masqueraded as a small box, a node is a massive digital temple. If you dive inside, you will find yourself in Teslaโ€™s lab, a modern Hogwartsโ€™ library, or Einsteinโ€™s study, a place that contains a wealth of leading edge research in alchemy, mathematics, physics and biology.




The Geometry Node of Houdini


Pipe an idea into a node and it travels through a tapestry of carefully crafted mathematical equations, refined lines of code woven elaborately like a Persian rug, to evolve the geometry of an idea further. An idea exits a node completely transformed, enhanced with new attributes, ready for further evolution. Networks of nodes look like constellations of stars forming a galaxy, a digital nervous system that is giving an idea its shape, motion, character, life.



Veins of Houdini

The Making Of