I am a Houdini designer & animator from Vancouver passionate about neuroscience, mathematics of plants and biochemistry.

I specialize in complex geometrical and data visualizations for film, games and science. Altogether I have amassed over 12 years of experience in the creative field.

My latest project "Geometry of Intelligence" is my homage to the architecture of nature and artificial intelligence.

LIVE STREAM: We talk design, taste, architecture of nature

My Story

"In January of 2009, I saw the making of The Matrix.  It was magical, inspiring and infectious.  I was infatuated with the high-quality visual effects and craved a sense of belonging to a group of people passionately dedicated to their craft. I started taking courses after work, attending master classes, aspiring to become a compositor, a 3D modeler, an animator, a motion designer, a texture painter, an FX TD, a this and a that, studying fluid dynamics in depth at the same time as I was finishing a matte painting course.  Trying to fast track technical skills by consuming tutorials like coffee and accumulating information fat turned me into a crippled 3D generalist with poor storytelling sensibility. Had you sent me to a career fair at that point, I would have been incapable of articulating what position I was seeking at a studio."

My story on Gridmarkets paints an honest portrait of the creative journey I have been on - the pursuit of mastery, struggles, dumbass mistakes, discoveries and the importance of good mentorship and passion projects. I also share how I dissect a creative brief and use Houdini.   


I am a lover of all things designed with intention, precision, and care for the human nervous system. Right now I am on a mission to demystify the biomechanics of how the nervous system processes and stores information. I'm distilling neuroscience, acoustics and epigenetics, the study of how to alter our genes through perception, into a digestible guidebook and a grid system for designers, animators and filmmakers to craft better experiences.


FITC 2016

I felt truly honored when my "Leonardo Da Vinci of Saturn" work was featured by Ash Thorp during his keynote at "The Future of Innovation, Technology and Creativity" conference in Toronto. 


I won 1st prize in the best image category at SideFX Houdini "Marvellous Machines" contest. It felt amazing to be recognized by judges from Pixar, The Mill, Method, Animal Logic, and DNeg. 

AR / VR Global Summit 2018

Shared panel with Wilson J. Tang (YumeBau) and Alan Smithson (MetaVRse)